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Bring the outdoors inside

Home décor has diversified over the last decade. A growing trend for the years ahead lean towards eco-friendly and nature-inspired décor. Overlooking the exquisite Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate flora, Lush Condos offer a natural way of life, that compliments the greenery that many new homeowners want to integrate into their daily lifestyle. If you’re a nature buff and can’t get enough of a fresh and contemporary vibe, here are a few ways of bringing the great outdoors into your home:

Indoor plants:

Indoor plants are a great addition to your dream home décor. Some trouble-free plants to liven up your home are:


The aloe succulent is the perfect low maintenance indoor plant you can own. Position this indoor plant to face the rays of sunlight and avoid regular watering as they prefer dry soil.

English Ivy:

English Ivy is the ideal little indoor plant for your living area. The pretty, growing vines make it a great choice of plant to place on a shelf or cabinet allowing an overflow which gives off a charming, natural aesthetic. These indoor plants prefer room temperature and moist soil, so ensure you water regularly.

Shamrock plant:

The shamrock plant is an idyllic option for homeowners that enjoy a floral addition, as this little plant blooms delightful petite white flowers that grow among the shamrock shaped leaves. This plant thrives in sunlight but can live in indirect and filtered light with watering only needed once a week.

Specially made items

Choose to enhance your home décor with handcrafted pieces of décor that you can find locally. Shop at craft markets that host a range of local crafters showcasing their art; paintings and environmentally crafted furniture that is suited to bringing a hint of the outdoors into your home. Go for wooden finishes and woven items like baskets for storage.

Colour effects

A simple yet effective way to bring a natural aesthetic into your home, is choosing earthy-based colours into your home and décor items. You can opt for green, palm leaves printed scatter cushions, beige carpets and white, flowy curtains for your patio. These colours offer a natural aesthetic that will add to the kind of feel you want to bring into the home.

Lush Condos offer access to Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate which includes scenic boardwalk platforms that lead to the unique Forest Clubhouse where you can engage in soothing exercises within the glassed yoga studio or lay back in the shade, on the viewing deck. Enjoy some of these amazing options when you are not unwinding in your chic home.

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