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Command more for your rental property

Lush’s dedicated short-term rental platform is there to help you maximise on your rental property. Here we’ll unpack how it can help you as well as some other ways to squeeze more value out of your investment. 


You’ve now made the decision to list your rental unit on Lush’s rental management platform but there are still a few boxes to tick before you’re ready to go. One of the most important things for any person looking to rent a place on a short-term basis, is how the place looks. Bear in mind, 90% of your market will look for you online so a great looking place is a must. The best places are a clever blend of aesthetics and functionality- there’s no use in having a fancy coffee machine if nobody can figure out how to use it!


A savvy landlord would optimise the tools they have available to them and as a Lush owner, you’re offered the option of a range of home furniture packages through Lush’s furniture partner. By using their furniture partner, you can take your unit from empty to ready in a few short steps. Before you do, you’ll need to ascertain what you need and how much you want to spend. Once that’s done the team will put together a package for you and they’ll also help to make the installation as seamless as possible.


Now that your unit is listed on the Lush rental platform, you’ll be able to market your accommodation  more effectively. There is a great demand for fuss-free lock-up-and-go rentals on the North Coast of KZN, especially during holiday season. By having your property as part of the rental pool at Lush, you’ll get to experience how easy the process can be when you have the suitable tools at your disposal. Being listed on the short-term rental platform also means you’ll likely reach a captive market who are looking specifically for rental units like yours. Amongst the many unique selling points that Lush offers, your tenants will most certainly want to know that they are safe and secure. When your guests arrive, they’ll be greeted at the gatehouse and get to see for themselves that security is active and present. To take it a step further, why not consider putting a key-free smart lock onto your unit. Having a smart lock means that you, as the owner, can assign unique entry codes for each guest which are valid for the duration of their stay. What’s more is many of these locks have a 60-second auto lock function and are also relatively cost effective to purchase – just do some research to see what suits your pocket and your budget


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