From Europe to Lush

We South Africans are privileged to be able to live in a country with lots of space. Our open spaces are made up of a vast array of natural environments; on the North Coast of KZN alone you can explore wetlands, savannah and coastal dune forest. Further up the North Coast, in Sheffield Beach, is where Lush is situated; and this unique development is teeming with flora and fauna.

With the great volume of available open space on our North Coast, we are not used to the idea of ‘down scaling’ or ‘micro living’, however this is very much a way of life in certain European cities. Living on a smaller scale is not a negative thing, in fact many city-dwelling families exist happily and raise kids in this kind of scenario; and there are many benefits to this way of living.

The first and most obvious attraction of down scaling is reduced operating costs; a smaller square-meterage means less energy is used to power a home; it is far easier and quicker to cool and heat a smaller home. For many, spending less on monthly utility bills means more disposable income to spend on the things they want. Secondly, a smaller home makes for better efficiency of space and avoids areas that may be wasted or ‘dead’ space as interior architects call it. Furthermore, a smaller home is less costly to fit out and furnish; and can even be the catalyst to finding clever modern space saving solutions. Living in a lock-up-and-go situation also means better safety- homes with fewer entry points bear less risk.

A smaller home can also translate into income as seen through the Air BnB business model. Often travelers look for an efficient and easy to manage space for their stay, and the condos at Lush offer just that but with the added value of being within a larger estate. Lush offers the best of both worlds- condo-style living but within a secure large estate which includes many recreational facilities, the chance to engage with nature and a lifestyle of space. Lush owners also benefit from being within a development which is part of a larger estate; building maintenance and landscaping are taken care of. Being within Elaleni, Lush offers space, safety and a great location which is close to retail outlets, schools, hospitals, the beach and the highway.

Going smaller does not means losing quality of life, it means channeling energy and resources into other things outside of your home and enjoying the secure surrounds and facilities of the estate. At the end of the day, anybody will agree that quality of life is not about what you have or where you live but rather the opportunities that your living situation affords to you to indulge your whims and interests.

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