Elephant bush - Latin name - Portulacaria afra

Small tree, big impact

Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate is leading the way in estates which combine aesthetics and an eco-conscious approach. With a strong sustainability ethos underpinning the estate, Elaleni has taken this a step further to bring considered, thoughtful landscape design into the development.

Developer of Elaleni, Wesley Bench-Capon expands on this, “Elaleni is committed to sustainability and eco-conscious living, and this is why many of our Homeowners have chosen to live at Elaleni specifically. All Homeowners are required to submit a landscape design to our review panel in order to get the go-ahead for their build; this is how we can ensure the sustainability ethos is upheld while at the same time guiding Homeowners on how best they can do this in their own home gardens. Over and above this, the forest sites within the estate are individually owned and each includes a section of the forest in their stand which is retained as part of the estate green belt. The 17.5ha Elaleni Swamp Fig Forest sits in a wetland and is protected- no cars, smoke or machinery are allowed in there and access is only granted to golf carts, bicycles and pedestrians.”

In order to bring the Elaleni vision to life and create an estate designed to enhance its natural beauty while upholding the sustainability ethos, a professional team of landscapers, led by mastermind landscape designer, Lucas Uys, were appointed to manage this.

Bench-Capon continues, “The swamp fig forest in Elaleni is 120 years old, and is an extremely important asset to conservation. Our commitment to conservation and sustainability does not stop there- we wanted this to guide the landscape design of the estate while still being a tasteful ode to the indigenous flora and coastal vegetation within Elaleni. We got Lucas on board as he has a real passion for conservation, and we knew he would be able to bring our vision to life and weave this thread through the estate. “

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