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The gates @ Elaleni

With an enhanced offering and a modern addition tranquil estate living, Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate has officially launched its high-end boutique office space, The Gates @ Elaleni. This office block is strategically placed at the entrance to the estate and offers modern office spaces for both rental and purchase. Named ‘The Hide’, The Gates @ Elaleni will also ultimately encompass a retail space which will have a small eatery or café and a coffee shop. The iconic and beautiful building follows the overarching style of Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate with a modern edge which differentiates it from the residential buildings and homes, which make up part of the Elaleni landscape. The impetus for the development of The Gates @ Elaleni is largely driven by the growing demand for commercial space on the North Coast, with Sheffield Beach fast becoming a new commercial hub. Many people are also looking for ways to work from home, or at least closer to home and The Gates offers this option. Businesses which are located at The Gates will have the added benefit of 24-hour high-tech estate security and manned access control, as well as prime positioning near the entrance of the estate thus making them easily accessible to residents and visitors. In line with the sustainability ethos, which underpins greater Elaleni, The Gates is North-facing to maximise on natural light and ventilation while a slight tweak to the design ensures that direct solar heat does not enter the building. All first-floor offices invite the inside in with balconies, which open out onto green roofs planted with indigenous greenery helping to improve the building’s thermodynamics and energy consumption. Rendered in timber and glass, The Gates also boasts a large glassed corner suite with exceptional green and sea views, a perfect tranquil space.

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