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Top tips to create a home office

Working from home is our new reality, so we have put together a list of the must-have’s and must-do’s along with some clever ideals to create the ideal home office.

Flexibility is good for you

Aim to create a home office that is adaptable and can be pulled apart and put away if needed. This means going for furniture that is lightweight, easy-to-move or quick to disassemble. It’s time to rethink large Mahogany desks, deep drawers, and plush leather chairs. Chairs on wheels win the day so opt for those made of durable materials, we love the replica Eames low back office chair from Union 3.

Separate work from home

If your home office happens to be your bedroom, there are some nifty tricks to make a mental and physical separation between work life and home life. Hospital-style room dividers are a great way to create that division, and you can use whatever fabric you like on them. They’re on wheels and lightweight so they’re easy to move when needed. If fabric room dividers aren’t your thing, then think about creating a temporary half-wall between the spaces- a wooden pallet turned on its side works, or a use clothes rail with closely packed hanging vines which cascade down to the floor. If you want to be really cool, why not create ceiling-hung fabric dividers suspended with wooden sticks and fishing gut?

“My favourite way of separating rooms is to use free-standing open shelving units. This allows you to fill the shelves with plants, décor and even have storage for files and office equipment while creating a partition between both spaces which is multifunctional. It also allows your office to have some privacy while not feeling too closed in.”  – Clifton Smithers, Director of Union3

Your desktop

A desktop computer can be cumbersome to move, so if your line of work allows for it, a lightweight laptop is the way to go. For the health of your neck and spine, it pays to invest in a laptop stand to avoid neck strain as much as you can. Some say that an orderly space means an orderly mind, so with that said, try to keep all your cables in check. You can buy little rubberised desktop cable holders or get clever by clipping bulldog clips on to the edge of the desk and feeding the cable through there instead. Eye strain can be a pain, so make sure your home office lighting is adequate. We recommend keeping overhead lights on, and then to avoid shadows and dark spots, get a desk lamp that provides more direct lighting, and have them on at the same time. Going entirely paperless can be a challenge and things like notebooks and other office miscellany need to be neatly stored somewhere – we love the sleek concealed drawers in the Union3 Murray Desk for this.

Stretches on-cue

It’s easy to get ensconced in a task so why not set up movement reminders? You cold paste up a visual series of desk stretches in place where they can’t be missed or set up a reminder on your PC calendar to get up and move around for a minute. If having a notice board in your home office is something you want, you may want to think about having a chalk board wall. To create a chalk board wall is as easy as painting your wall of choice with chalk board paint and then using washi tape or masking type to create a large-format wall calendar or divide the space into whatever is needed. What’s also cool is you can leave the lower portion open for the kids to use, and that way your important information and notes will be left undisturbed. Noticeboards can also double up as acoustic panels to help minimise noise and echoes, just be sure to choose materials which have better sound absorption qualities.

“Install a cork board or fabric noticeboard on the wall behind your computer- it’s multifunctional as you can paste your notes up and the materials of the noticeboard also allow for better acoustics. If your floors are hard, you can put down a rug in your office space to help minimise noise as well.” – Clifton Smithers, Director of Union3

Strict office hygiene

Adding greenery to your home office space can only be beneficial, and there are many plants which are suited to the indoors and have the benefit of purifying the air – go for Hen and chicks (Chlorophytum comosum ‘Variegatum’), Mother-in-Law’s Tongue (Dracaena trifasciata) or a Peace Lilly (Spathiphyllum). Implement a ‘no-dishes’ rule to keep yourself accountable and keep the cleanliness of your space in check. Lastly, opt for a desk that’s easy to clean; duco sprayed surfaces are durable and can be cleaned with a damp cloth while synthetic chairs too, need little cleaning.

A home office should be comfortable, functional, and offer some privacy. Creating a home office needn’t be expensive or time consuming either, and with some professional advice you can get it done fairly easily. Why not explore your options by getting in touch with Union3, and let them help you create the ideal home office within your Lush unit?

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